Bloques Erráticos V.2 | Bienal de Arte Digital, Río Janeiro/Belo Horizonte, Brasil | 02.2018

The light and bottles as a metaphor of the communication, are intervened by led and electronic circuit building a matrix of 49 points. In this alliteration appear a poetic text, to invite the viewer to discover the content of the phrase, in order to dislocate the language and the speed of our digital communication.


I. The Invisibility is the Ocean ?s metaphor

II. The transparents waters hides the secrets.

III. Submerged, our communication travels furrowing the coasts.

IV. Recollecting the conquest land that it is.

V. The pull of the sea approach us   to the fragility.

VI. His surf unfurls the savage of its march.

VII. Enclosed in a flooded time yet to become stillness.


Technical Description:

Poetry, Electronic Sequencer, Arduino, Ultrabright Leds, Cable, Energy, Programming, Bottles and Ocean Water.