GeoObs | ISEA2017 | Alianza Francesa, Manizales, Colombia, Junio 2017

GeoObs is a mixed media installation which observe the relations of three layers: Device, Image and Data, to build a dialogue to define the blurred zone of the privacy in the actual system of the visual representation in the global net.

The installation explore the joints, cracks and displacements the contemporary context of the global net, confronting models and complex systems to build alliterations and iterations through visuals strategies like site specific action, social and geopolitical relations, as also territorial gestures to relieve the concepts of invisibility, transparency, tracking and trace.

“GeoObs” is composed by a several materials and different qualities of representation in order to activate relations and ways of understood; performance actions, low tech developments and texts (quotes and poetry) to build an experience to get in the main concept. The installation use mixed media to show several layers of the complex zone between the privacy dimension and the distances of the digital communication.

The main content of the installation is: 4 printed texts, 12 photographies and a light sequences builded by plastics bottles, water, electronics, programming and leds.