Catalogo ISEA2017 Bio-Creation & Peace

This Cataloge gives an account of the more than 280 activities that take place from June 11 to 18, in a program that integrates interactive exhibitions, performances, keynotes, concerts, sound landscapes, cinema and video, forums and workshops. The program also features panel sessions with experts reflecting about critical perspectives of the use of technologies for peace, media art, landscape and heritage, Academic Forum / Latin American Art and Design, Indigenous Education Forum, Interdisciplinary platforms approaches to co-existence, the cultural dimension of Bio-creation and Peace, and topics related to design, art, science and technology. In short, reflections about physical, digital and biological worlds; New ways of understanding how technologies will transform humanity in the coming years.

In this opportunity, ISEA2017 positions the city of Manizales as a stage for the world, framed in the Paisaje Cultural Cafetero from Colombia, recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO. Manizales is the capital city of this regional complex that, due to its natural, cultural and geomorphological condition, is configured in the bio-region of the Eje Cafetero, as City-Landscape and by the quality of its educational institutions, such as Manizales Campus Universitario.

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